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Whilst concluding a commercial agency contract is an important step, its termination and the consequent payment of compensation to the commercial agent are also key moments for the parties.

Thanks to our expertise in commercial agency law, our firm is recognised for its expertise in matters relating to paiement of termination compensation/indemnity to the commercial agent:

  • Assessment of the circumstances of termination (resignation, termination for serious misconduct, termination by the commercial agent, exceptional circumstances, aggravating circumstances, notice, tolerance),
  • Evaluation of appropriate compensation/indemnity for termination of the contract, which can be claimed due in light of recent developments in case law (development of clientele, etc.),
  • Evaluation of other compensation due to the commercial agent (damages),
  • Negotiating the termination compensation/indemnity of commercial agency contracts,
  • Conducting legal proceedings relating to the termination compensation/indemnity of commercial agency contracts (where a commercial agency contract is international, after determining the applicable law and jurisdiction)


Thanks to our international presence and our expertise of commercial agency status on a European level, our firm can act in all matters concerning compensation/indemnity subject to :

  • French and Belgian law; or
  • The law of other European countries
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