Independent sales representatives

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Specialists in trade intermediary networks:

  • Commercial agents,
  • Business providers/brokers,
  • Door-to-door sales representatives, etc.


FOUSSAT AVOCATS assists and advises on matters related to whichever commercial status is best suited to your needs, and on drawing up the relevant contracts.

We offer advice on contracts for door-to-door sellers, whether the contract involves:

  • A representative
  • A buyer-reseller
  • A broker


In addition, committed to providing a comprehensive service, we also advise on questions relating to direct sales:

  • Door-step selling, network/multi-level sales,
  • Pre-contractual consumer information,
  • Off-premises contract,
  • Withdrawal periods,
  • Payment of product prices,
  • Data protection regulation (French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties, The General Data Protection Regulation).
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