Your employees

Committed to being available for your day-to-day needs, FOUSSAT AVOCATS is here to assist you on advisory and litigious matters, in the complex legal areas of employment and social security.

We therefore offer the following services:

  • Advice on hiring and drafting employment contracts,
  • Advice for the term of your employee relationships (no matter the type of termination, subject to French law),
  • Management of labour relations within your business (election of staff to representative bodies, representatives and employee representative committees),
  • Defence of your business before the relevant court (employment tribunal, social security tribunal, appellate court, etc.).


Thanks to our specialist niches focus, we have developed recognised expertise in:

  • Employment law concerning professionals working in the property space,
  • Defence of real estate agents where a commercial agency contract is recharacterised as an employment contract,
  • Employment law affecting salaried commercial staff (sales representatives, trade commissioners, technical sales representatives, etc.).
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